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Or why you should read this
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In these days of the internet and social media, you can travel the world without getting off of the toilet.  But where is the magic in visiting far off lands if you’ve never even left your bathroom?  I’m inviting you to join me on my journey around the world, and it’s going to be a little bit more exciting than “top 10 things to do in Bali.”

What to expect?

229 countries to be exact! I seek to see, taste and experience as much of the world as possible and having eaten snake and talked my way out of arrests on more than one continent, I have ample experience in that. People, culture and food are the epitomay of what a country truly represents, and I promise to go to places where there are stories to be made all while taking the piss out of myself and anyone else who gives me a reaction.  I aim to take you on a tour of mind-blowing places you won’t believe actually exist, then show you how to get there (and get out again in one piece).


To inspire80%
For me80%
To share80%

WHAT is my mission,
and what do I aim to achieve

Create a plethora of inspiration for not only those who crave a life of travel but also to encourage those who do not, yet. I have read many articles which have changed my perception of a place or made me want to visit there, I would hope to do the same and share tips and articles to help inspire people to follow their passion.

To show you the real experiences of travelling, the up and downs, the frustrations and the confusions and all while never taking myself too serious.

To prove that you can balance a full time job and travel the world among many other things.
It’s very possible to have the best of both worlds.



Inspire those who already travel to go further and those who don’t to begin their journey.

My mum and dad are two of a few who inspire me to do what I enjoy. I have also been inspired in my travels by the words and writings of others; now, I want to share my inspirations. As well as sharing practical tips and articles to help inspire people to share my passion for travel.

To demonstrate, you can balance a full-time job and travel the world and experience it. You don’t need to sell your clothes and have some rags to riches story; it’s possible to have the best of both worlds.

The World is Kind

Show the world is mostly a kind place and full of friends you haven’t made yet.

Travelling alone or travelling at all can be intimidating and at times scary. The media does a good job of painting a nasty picture of some places. Through my posts and photos, I want to encourage and inspire everyone to travel further, longer and enjoy the sites.

I love getting off the beaten path and seeing what a country is truly about, so I can show you a side that you wouldn’t normally get to see.

I want to show that not only is solo travel the best way to immerse yourself in a new culture, but it’s also surprisingly safe if you know what you’re doing.

To make travel easier

I’ve been to over half of the world; and a lot of my friends come to me for for tips and hacks.

Hey, I’m going to Sri Lanka, what should I do? Hey, I’m going to NZ, how long should I stay for? Is that volcano still active? I love helping out, and this website is my way of having a friendly chat and offering advice, you can even drop me a line.

I’ll show how you can travel through my travel guides, adventures, resources, tips, Q&A and more.


Stick Around

That’s the ten year back story of my blog in 5 minutes. Click here to start looking through my wild array of anecdotes. Everything from living the dream in the Maldives to watching my best friend almost getting murdered in Austin.

So if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far (spelling mistakes aside), you’ll feel right at home here…

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