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When I started out travelling I didn’t have a clue, I just booked and flight, packed my bags and went for it. Now after over 10 years of travelling, planning and making mistakes I’ve managed to collate some of the best travel resources I use for every trip! No more searching endlessly for answers, it’s all here!

What are travel resources? They are the services and products that make travel planning easier and more affordable. It includes everything from accommodation to help forums for answers to specific questions you can’t find anywhere else.

Each resource listed below is one that I regularly use and I believe you to find them useful also.



The crux of visiting every country in the world, these articles will save you a ton of time!


Travel Tips

Real travel tips whether you’re on an all inclusive jolly or a hardcore traveler



Want to read about some of the more interesting accommodation and restaurant experiences….


10 Things

All the best lists come in 10s, right? Things to do, things to bring, places to visit, you get the idea


Great for all countries but extra useful for those less visited countries, Wikitravel is an essential travel resource that I simply couldn’t travel without. It is my favourite resource for those off the beaten track destinations and helps a great deal with up to date safety situations, most of which aren’t exaggerated.


They all do the same thing, it just depends which you prefer using. A good option is choosing “anywhere” as the destination and if you are flexible with your travel dates then you can also choose “cheapest month” to be sure that you’ll get a good deal!


Generally I stay in hostels, a great way to meet people, get local information from the staff and of course the value for money. Hostelworld is probably the biggest online database of hostel accommodation on the internet. Use the map function for the best location and use the filter options to find exactly what you want.

Getting Around

You don’t need to use Google Maps but it’s offline function is super useful when you are in a city you don’t know with no network.


Completely necessary to increase security when surfing the web, not to mention the ability to watch home television you would have since missed. Another huge benefit is the ability to use Facebook, Google, Whatsapp amongst many more in countries that have decided to outlaw them.

Travel Insurance

To this day I am shocked that people travel long periods of time without insurance. I have been omitted to hospital and lost my luggage on 4 separate occasions, so for me it will always be 100% necessary. World Nomads are reliable and helpful when things go wrong which means you can worry less and continue on with you trip.


My first travel card and one of the best with no fees on transactions or even cash withdrawals. One thing to note that cash withdrawals need to be paid ASAP as interest begins on the moment the money is withdrawn. Using the Clarity Card will get you the best interest rate on the market without commission. For the latest information, checkout