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I’m not aiming to tick box every country in the world . . .

But rather gain something worthwhile in each. I aim to live in every country in the world.  Taste the food, experience the culture and share a beer with the locals.

I’ve seen almost 150 countries so far, so I’m over halfway there and although I plan to visit them all I’m in no rush.


I’ve always wanted to experience new things and travel the world; it’s been my dream since I was a child. I found the more I travelled, the more curious I became and the deeper my wanderlust.  I get a thrill leaving my comfort zone, and you don’t get that by going on a weekend to Paris.

My mission though is also more serious. I want to prove that it’s not a scary world out there, that the world is full of new friends and cultures to be enjoyed.


I always wanted to visit as many places as possible, witness different cultures and just experience as much as possible. It was when I was in South America that I realised how far I’d come and how many countries I’d visited. I had to look at a map and think not, where shall I go? But rather where haven’t I been yet? After touring the Caribbean and Asia, I realised that my mission was actually achievable.


I’m in no rush; the World’s not going anywhere (providing we sort out pollution and global warming). I’ll need to plan on obtaining visas, the weather, current political/safety situations and possibly where any World Cups are taking place.

I’m not into hopping over a border and back again, or waving at nations as I fly over them. Eating the food, meeting the people, experiencing the culture and maybe learning something in the process is all part of my experience.  It’s a 10 year challenge taking me to 229 countries, but it’s one I’m up for, and I hope you’ll join me.


It’s a little more than just getting a stamp in your Passport, in my opinion.  For me, once you’ve gotten to your destination, then the fun begins. I want to imbibe and more importantly digest the local culture, and I don’t just mean the cuisine, I mean the culture and the mindset. I’m not going to worry too much about the risks, how many stories don’t start with, “the day I almost died…”

How do I Budget?

I haven’t got a trust fund, or a sugar mama, I work which might come to as a shock to some.  It’s just about managing your money and sticking within a budget.

Travel is generally deemed as an expensive lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow my IG, you will see some of the places I have stayed. Most are basic, some are nice but the majority are affordable, its all part of the experience and keeping costs down allows me to travel further for longer.

I don’t keep to the same daily budget, travel can make that unpredictable, but I do make sure I get value for money. I know if a meal, flight or a hotel room doesn’t represent any value and will look elsewhere.  I also ensure I contribute to the local economy. I’m not looking for something for nothing from honest people who have much less than I do. I also take into account how expensive some countries can be, so I have to budget how I’ll cover them.

Do you have what it takes?

Patience, determination, obsession, planning, improvisation, dedication and of course, a towel..

Travelling may be enjoyable, but it’s not always easy. The bureaucracy can be frustrating and the days of travelling can be exhausting but thats what makes it all worth it in the end. Wherever you’re travelling to it’s challenging, even if it’s getting a minicab after midnight in your home town; I can add to that impossible visas, war zones, death-defying driving, stained mattresses, questionable food and corrupt police are all challenges, when you don’t holiday all inclusive.

Not only that but visiting every country is a logistical nightmare, each trip requires months of planning along with a plan B, C and D if A doesn’t work, which is usually the case.

Stick Around

My quest is to visit every country before the end of 2027. I have experienced plenty of highs and lows, but the best and possibly the worst is yet to come. Join me on here or Instagram so you can get a feel of some places you’ve always wanted to experience but never wanted to visit.

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