Botswana is known to have the best safari experiences on the planet. With its vast number of private reserves and strict rules and policies it is also a big player in the sustainable market!


After a long enough travel day, we arrived into the not so local, local airport. My mum and more so my sister aren’t the best flyers so unless it’s a PJ you can forget about getting them into an 8 seater plane.


Instead of what would be a 30minute flight we opted for a 4hour drive and me and dad wondering why we just didn’t get on the flight andleave the girls to fend for themselves!

We are booked into Okuti lodge which is our first experience of staying within a park and my god, what a place it was! When you try and describe to someone that you are staying in tents in the middle of a game reserve they tend to look at you as if something is wrong. But it takes to actually see the accommodation, they are a far cry from the tarpaulin, wooden pegs and those frustrating tent poles you can never fix without nipping yourself!


  • Around 40% of Botswana is made up of Wildlife parks and reserves.
  • It is home to the world’s largest concentration of African elephants.
  • The world’s second-largest diamond was discovered here. It is the biggest diamond to be discovered in Botswana and the largest find in more than a century.
  • Botswana has the world’s largest salt pans, the world’s largest inland delta and the world’s shortest border.


Due to the drive we had no time for site-seeing and instead were welcomed with a gin in time for yet another amazing African sunset! These sun downers will become part and partial to a normal day in Botswana.

Rules while staying at game reserve in Botswana, Africa. Sh*ting next to an elephant
Accommodation at game reserve in Botswana, Africa. Sh*ting next to an elephant


In the middle of the night I woke and ventured to the toilet, which is also within the tent. In no time at all I could hear shuffling and something moving very closely! Infact so closely I was not sure it was in the tent and this was by no means a small animal.

Lets be honest, I was exposed and sitting on the toilet very vulnerable to an attack. I decided to close the door until I looked up and noticed there was no ceiling to the bathroom into the rest of the tent. Do I stay here for however long it takes or do I head back to bed and risk getting ambushed?

Chairs around a bonfire at game reserve in Botswana, Africa. Sh*ting next to an elephant


Slowly the noise came around to my right side and it was then I became aware it was outside, literally 2 feet from my face. I still couldn’t make out what it was but knew it was no poodle! I made the dash back to bed and slowly the noise came around the side again. I remember it all vividly, the noise became so clear again that you would have sworn it was trying to get in.

Sunset at game reserve in Botswana, Africa. Sh*ting next to an elephant


My sister thought it was me making the noise, I was in the bed beside her, so let that give you an idea of how close it felt. As the night went on it slowly moved away and I decided to get up and open the door to check, not the smartest thing I have done. Pure darkness and if I hadn’t have just went to the toilet I swear I would have shit myself on the spot!

Sunset at game reserve in Botswana, Africa. Sh*ting next to an elephant


The following morning we opened the blinds and you could immediately see the destruction that was caused by the elephant. Believe it or not, Lions and Hyenas have been known to walk around the camp but the main threat is elephants due to their size and potential for carnage!

Guests by the bonfire at game reserve in Botswana, Africa. Sh*ting next to an elephant


How can I complain when I was promised the most authentic safari experience!


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