Today I am heading to Pushkar, not far from Jaipur. It really takes you to fully immerse yourself in some of these places to really appreciate them for what they are. I’ll be honest that India isn’t everyones cup of tea but its an incredibly unique place!

Truck with big load in Pushkar. Sunset and monkeys in PushkarIncredible what you see on the road in India. Sunset and monkeys in Pushkar


More hassle

Pushkar is a tiny wee town built around a religious lake which people like to bathe in. Seeing as the towns sewers get dumped into it I won’t be doing as the romans do anytime soon. Had the usual walk around and got hassled by someone who reminded me of the bird women in Bangkok.

This fella trying to give me something and after saying no he said no it’s for the lake, good luck, so I ignored him and he shouted Allah! Beginning to enjoy winding them up! Not much to see just the usual, shops and stalls etc but hostel has a tour happening later so I’ll check that out.

Hostel tour

The tour took us to a deer park and the guide decided to play funny buggers. I’m not a fan of monkeys at all, I just find them unpredictable and I didn’t bother with my rabies jag. You had to put a brave face in because the guide would throw the bread in your direction if you showed any sign that you were frightened. No lie there had to be over 100 around us and I was so on edge, I couldn’t take a photo for fear of it getting snatched.

Then 2 red monkeys made an appearance and the tour guide said ‘these ones are dangerous’. I was just glad he had the food until he started throwing it at everyone. It’s funny how far the other monkeys stay away from the red ones. They are easy to spot as they are always on their own.

Sunset in Pushkar. Sunset and monkeys in Pushkar
Sunset and monkeys in Pushkar


After we walked to the top of a hill and watched the sunset from a rooftop while we heard a group of Indian fellas have a sing song. Went for dinner with an English fella Tim and a German guy from my room. Another veg meal but another great feed, finished off with a so called ‘special’ chocolate ball and ice cream. None of us knew what the special ingredient was but pretty sure it was drugs and Tim wanted the bill paid before he ate his so all he needed to do was walk home!

Mug of The Special. Sunset and monkeys in Pushkar“The special”


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