Next day I headed with 2 people from the hostel, Lydia and Ben to the Palace in Jaipur. Lydia said she recommended the Amber Fort which I’ll see later more than the Taj but it wasn’t until I seen her photos that I realised why. The day they went it was so misty you couldn’t actually see the Taj!

The palace was nothing special, got a nice deck of cards which was good but enjoyed the haggling! I came across a fella charming a snake and I use the word charming very lightly! But he was offering it around for tourists and although no the most hygienic thing I’ve done, it was too good an opportunity to turn down!


Amber Fort

Got to the Amber fort and it is amazing, I didn’t realise it would be so big. The walls stretch for miles over the hills, something similar to that of the Great Wall of China, albeit on a smaller scale.

Maota Lake in India. Snake charming in JaipurMaota Lake from Amber Fort, Snake charming in Jaipur


  • The Fort took 100 years to build.
  • Amber Fort is reflected onto the Maota Lake at the base of the fort.
  • Amber Fort is connected via a 2km tunnel to Jaigarh Fort.

Haggled, this time in a good way

I was haggled for photos in this place, was hilarious, everyone wanted a picture and I was happy to oblige because they were all so nice! I think all the other people who had seen a white person before must’ve thought I was someone famous as everyone seem to nod their head at me. They were all young kids and were probably the nicest people I’ve met and were keen to ask a few questions. I think they were from Bangalore.

David Simpson with the locals in Jaipur, India. Snake charming in Jaipur
Snake charming in Jaipur

Back to Jaipur

Again the place ceases to amaze me. Took a walk to a restaurant I found on the Internet and the further you go from the main areas the more looks you get but you don’t seem to get haggled as much! The journey to this place was like something out of a movie, down an alley, up some stairs, down some stairs and through what seemed to be someone’s house. The guy taking my order wouldn’t stop repeating it and coughing in my face. But it’s a nice setting, rooftop and all that!

David Simpson in Jaipur, India. Snake charming in JaipurSome shocking photos were taken during my time in India

You can see the other side of AMER fort which is amazing! Really not sure what I’ve lead myself in for, they brought out some appetizers and I don’t know what it is and the guy doesn’t know English. I sitting here hoping it is actually appetizers and not what I’ve ordered. It’s a bowl of uncut small onions, plate of peppers and a small bowl of curry sauce. Also I’m the only person in this place which should’ve been a telltale sign.

Jaipur Palace in Jaipur, India. Snake charming in JaipurJaipur Palace


Its good to meet younger Indians and although it was apparent it took a bit of courage to approach a stranger once they were in a conversions they couldn’t have been more pleasant!


Pushkar will be my last stop before returning to Delhi the following day, click to read.


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  • What is the friendliest nation you have been too?
  • What do you think of the locals in India?

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