Plans for 2022. Sitting here pretty sure that next year will be better than the last feels very much like déjà vu. Last December if you told me Covid would still maintain a heavy presence 12 months on I would have told you to go jump.

2022 is looking good from here

But here we are, wondering again what the net 12 months will bring. I hate to jinx myself again but I am pretty sure things will be a lot better. Covid won’t go away but that’s exactly it, we know it won’t and thus we know we will have to get on with life and live with it!


I am always looking several trips and sometimes several years ahead, and its important and something that has stood me in good stead. Of course every trip is already planned but only a few are so far organised


  • FITNESS – Maintain 5 days a week at the gym or 10,000 steps.
  • DIET – Control snacking habits
  • NEW COUNTRIES – 10 is always a good year
  • BUCKET LIST – Trek with Gorillas, Drive the Serengeti and watch the Great Migration. This has been at the top of my list since I was a kid.



The place is the love of my life and although I want to continue this merry go round, I can only last so long without a trip to Asia. A trip back to Thailand or Philippines is a must, hopefully before the end of the year.



I have given myself the mission of rearranging the cancelled ski trip we had planned for NYE. Personally I’d go tomorrow if France didn’t implement such restrictions. So watch this space! Also it’s been a minute since I have done a Skydive, Bungee or some white water rafting, absolutely want to put myself through one of those again.



For those of you that know West Africa, will understand that it is without doubt the most difficult place to travel in the world. From the temperature & humidity to the roads and corruption it isn’t without it’s challenges. But in saying that it also has so much to offer. Now I know I won’t be staying for weeks on end but this trip will offer an experience you just cannot get anywhere else and I’m doing it all overland

Local woman selling fruits in Africa. Plans for 2022

Plans for 2022


I’ve taken a keen interest in the World Wars over the past few years and thought instead of ticking off a few more countries I could travel France and Belgium for 2 weeks instead. What’s better is that I have 2 OAPs keen to join…something tells me the rents are enjoying this travel game!

Our trip will begin in Paris with a quick stop at Le Mans and overnight inMont Saint-Michel. From here we will travel from Normandy through various towns and cities before reaching the east side of Belgium where the infamous battle of the Bulge took place, known as Hitlers last offensive before making our way back to Paris after a night in Champagne…needs must!

Normandy beach in France. Plans for 2022

Plans for 2022


I do a special trip at least once a year with the family which tends to be the years highlight. It’s not the easiest to plan as accom, flights etc all need to be arranged well in advance. My rents don’t appreciate landing in the middle of Africa and then having to look for a suitable hotel!

This year will take us back to Africa to visit some Gorillas and watch the Great Migration, something I have been absolutely gagging for since I first watched Sir Davey Attenborough.

Uganda Mountain Gorilla in Africa. Plans for 2022

Plans for 2022


I always go but never confirm until nearer the time. Its an unusual holiday for me as the time is spent sitting at the beach, drinking and eating along with 40 or 50 other friends we know from home! A welcome break to the chaotic trips I usually encounter.


There’s not much I can say about this as not everyone knows about ti but lets just say we are going to the presents to save them coming to us…


As I write a post everyday on the road it can become difficult to maintain, especially coming home from a month travelling. So in order to make things easier going forward I have created templates and basically refined everything so things are easier to keep on top of while on the road. The last thing I want to do is to give up because I cant manage my time better.

I also plan to make a few small changes to my Eguide and send it out early January. I still have a list of subscribers who joined almost 18 months ago and yet to receive an email!


Both my training and diet are great 5 days a week but snacking on cookies, crisps and chocolate is still getting the best of me and the only way to reduce and control (its currently out of control) is to manage my intake from taking a record and giving myself some accountability. I spoke to several people who use an interesting method. Usually, I would allow myself 1 bad meal for every 10 but that would still equal 3 cheat meals a week, far too much and I never used them.

Instead, I have begun giving myself monthly allowances for each cheat unit consumed. So for example I am given 10 tokens a month to use as I please. 1 token equates to; a chocolate bar, bag of crisps, dessert etc etc. Recently I could use all 10 up in the 1 night! I fully expect to go cold turkey even with this approach as I am very much an all or nothing person.


Not one to keep things as they are, my fitness routines even though are more than acceptable, will also need a push back to where they once were. Because work has been super busy I was rushing through the gym to get home and finish. I cannot finish a day with stuff still left still to do. The weekends were spent doing the same. I’ve now realised the work will never stop so I’ll prioritise what needs done my the time blocking, increase my efficiency and really focus on my fitness for those few hours instead of my head being elsewhere. Which can be hard as those hours out of the office are usually when the ideas come in, which if anything shows the important of taking a step back.

I’ll continue to do 5 days a week but increase the intensity, plus 15 minute stretches every morning. This is something I have started over the past few months and so necessary at my fragile age as my mobility is worse than ever 👴🏻. Weekends I’ll aim to add in at least 10,000 steps a day to help my head get away from work if anything.


It’s always hard to know how the property market reacts to events such as Covid but with such a positive year in 2021 it looks like it will continue in 2022. No one hopes for a property bubble like we had in 2008 if it means going through 7 years of rehab. But rather a steady growth and more importantly one that can be maintained.


A great last minute travel splurge kind of saved the year I’m looking forward to travel being a way of life again.


Flying out to Ivory Coast as part of The Midwest Africa Series in a few days, stay tuned.


To see updates on the new trips click here to check out my Instagram highlights and stories.

Question Time

  • Any travel resolutions for 2022?
  • Are you planning on visiting some new countries?

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