Today I woke up like a little kid again and couldn’t wait to get involved in the waterfight but that was for later.


Today I’d be heading around the city and seeing what it offers other than a water balloon to the back of the head.

As the celebrations continue a lot of the city was closed but the old town is for sure an interesting spot to check out


After visiting the Fish Market and marina there were people already throwing water balloons at the cars. The daytime appears to be more of a family affair whilst the night is for the rowdy crowd. Don’t be fooled however as the kids are just as aggressive as the adults.

As traffic Is much lighter during the day, traffic lights are the best place to hang around for a stationary target. There was a jeep, minding its own business at the traffic lights when a kid opens the back door and starts throwing water balloons inside. Within no time there was about 10 other kids doing the same and being in the front the driver was helpless, it was hilarious!


I have to say as well the kids (and families) were nothing bus generous to me. I was minding my own business and watching the chaos but was constantly offered Arabic coffee, Mars bars, Ferrero Rochers and a steady supply of water balloons.


After a quick stop at the hotel I went back to the old town to over indulge at the recommended Freij Sweileh. Hospitality in this part of the world is like nowhere else.

I ended up going to a restaurant which didn’t actually serve food but luckily enough the gentleman before spoke English and recommend Freij. After eating I happened to walk past the same chap when leaving the restaurant.

‘You can’t leave,” he said.

I was thinking, ‘what?!’

“You must have a coffee.”

So he guided to another seat and gave me all the coffee I would need before a night in the trenches! It just amazes me and I know this kindness is from the heart as we both know we will never see each other again.

David Simpson walking by flags along main street in Kuwait. The most insane waterfight in the world


I met up with the boys I bumped into last night and they immediately showed me their stash of water balloons, I had never and probably will never see anything like it again, it was insane! They said “good luck and help yourself” before it was time to start launching some rockets.


I’m not sure if there are any rules per se but there are certain things you don’t do without getting a water balloon or 10 thrown in your face!

For example, don’t open your car door and roll your window down, you are asking for trouble.

Don’t walk on the footpath and not expect to get a balloon in your face. A few of these got real messy and although I walked most of it the first night I was let off lightly compared seeing how others were treated.

It was then I realised that I wasn’t a target yesterday and they had likely given me a pass for being a tourist. Not one person who walked passed us was given a miss. I have never seen a waterfight so aggressive yet everyone was full of smiles.


The cars were all out to enjoy the same event and whenever an opportunity arose they would open their door or window and take their shot. But you have to be sure to take your chances or get back into the car before a retalian as people on the ground were quick and you could have 10 balloons thrown at you within seconds.

There were a few cars whos windows no longer rolled up which proved an easy target for all, considered they were a sitting duck in the traffic. The really brave ones get out of their car for more room but run the risk of having their car filled with water.

Local guy preparing his water balloons in Kuwait. The most insane waterfight in the world


Twice a week the camp puts on a special dinner towards the watering hole. After seeing the table setup I can confirm it is as crazy as it sounds!! Within no time it was dark and you can hear the animals as clear as day all around you.

From the elephants walking through the bushes to the Hyenas chittering to one another. You knew you were super exposed but rarely have I felt so alive. These lodges really know how to put on a show!

Cars and people at main street in Kuwait. The most insane waterfight in the world


I tend to have fun fairly often and don’t need to be on holiday to do so but here brought me back to my childhood. Yes I seen a bit of what Kuwait had to offer but I by no means learned a lot but instead had one of the most fun and unique experiences to date, and all a matter of luck. After all I was suppose to be in Iran, how different it could have all turned out!


Off to Qatar, where yet again I would get an absolute shock! Click to read.


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