Leaving Phuket we were waiting 30mins for the taxi before we counted our losses and and jumped into a taxi jeep who gave us an interesting drive. Heading through a set of crossroads a girl on a motorbike in front of us stops to make a right turn and he ploughs right into the back of her. So instead of stopping and making sure she was alright he beeped his horn and drove on, wild! We only seen the aftermath as we were in the pickup cab and the girl was on the ground holding her head but I think she looked alright. Me and Carlos were in utter disbelief but we were late as it was. Something tells me the driver wasn’t insured.


A hit & run and parties on Koh Phi Phi


Having seen some stunning photos of this island and have also been told it’s got a great party scene, the last thing we need. We’ve booked into the Hostel Stones and got a warning as soon as we checked in “you do know this is a party hostel and the music will continue all night.” Hard to see how this place can be such a party spot as it was pure chill during the day but will wait and see tonight, just chilling today.

Beach at Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. A hit & run and parties on Koh Phi PhiThe resident dog at Stones, Vodka. A hit & run and parties on Koh Phi Phi

A guy and dog kayaking at the beach at Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. A hit & run and parties on Koh Phi PhiVodka the skipper. A hit & run and parties on Koh Phi Phi


Well it all kicks off pretty early here, 5pm. One minute everyone is on the beach chilling and hanging out and the next thing the music is turned up and the fireshow has started. The music is so loud that you can’t actually stay in the dorm from the vibrations. The same goes for the rest of the bars along the beach and it just turns into a dick swinging competition on which bar has the loudest music and the best fireshow. And in all fairness to Stones it was our hostel which was pumping out the best rave.

David Simpson and the gang at Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. A hit & run and parties on Koh Phi PhiThe two dutch fellas who fought, Carlos and myself

There was me, Carlos, 2 Dutch guys and Freya from England. Carlos has been telling us about the Muay Thai boxing bar in the town where anyone can get up and fight. The 2 Dutch guys seemed keen to have a go at each other. They hit the hell out of each other for 3 rounds, it absolutely ruined Mitch and he wasn’t the same for the rest of the night!

Koh Phi Phi is home to some of the best fire shows I have ever seen


  • Maya Bay was the scene of the movie, The Beach staring Leonardo DiCaprio
  • It was closed in 2019 to help it recover from the effects of tourism
  • For me it has to be one of the most stunning beaches in the world (minus the mass of crowds)


The next day we took a trip to the viewpoint even though it was cloudy it was still decent, not in the same league as those of Koh Tao but still worthwhile. The night was a gutter and happened to be the Kings birthday so all bars were down for the night. Surprising how much they stuck to the rules as every other law seems to be forgotten about but when it comes to the King there is just no exceptions! You can be arrested for talking bad of him. Anyway, as nothing happened and with the time I had I thought I might be able to fit in a week in India before Xmas back in Thailand. Got my visa within about 12hours which is unheard of and booked it.

Viewpoint at Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. A hit & run and parties on Koh Phi PhiViewpoint of Koh Phi Phi


Heading to Maya Bay which is the island from the movie The Beach (Leonardo DiCaprio). Again Carlos had already been but he was keen to go again and I don’t blame him. Although it was fairly busy the place was stunning and I can see why a movie was shot here.

David Simpson at Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. A hit & run and parties on Koh Phi PhiApproaching Maya Bay

We could see a another little cove further round the bay which had no one else on it, so we took a swim. It wasn’t until about 20feet into our little walk we realised why no one else was there. It’s so shallow you can’t swim and the coral is so sharp you can’t walk over it, also I had my phone in my hand which I had to keep above he water. Tested us a bit but we knew by looking at it that it’d be worth the effort which it was!

David Simpson at Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. A hit & run and parties on Koh Phi PhiAmazing how quite this part of the bay was

David Simpson at Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. A hit & run and parties on Koh Phi PhiIf this place was quiet it would be up there as one of the best beaches in the world

Four annoying English girls in our room went out to a boat party and were in a good state when they got back in the evening. 1 of them persuaded the rest of them to take a 17minute nap (apparently that’s the perfect amount) me and Carlos had other plans though and closed the door, shut the curtains, turned the lights off and left them too it. That sorted that problem out and was them sound asleep the rest of the night, sorry girls.


There’s plenty going on in Koh Phi Phi and it’s for sure a must if you are visiting Thailand. If you enjoy a party, don’t mind the crowds and love to chill on some of Thailands most beautiful beaches then Koh Phi Phi is for you


Heading on to Koh Lanta tomorrow, a completely chilled vibe I’m told. But every time I hear that about an island in Thailand it proves to be the complete opposite! Click here to read it.


This post is part of The South East Asia Series, for the next article click here.

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