Apart from the obvious (getting hurt etc) I think most people’s biggest fear when travelling is losing their bag. But it’s one thing losing your bag for a 2 week holiday and another losing it during a 2 year around the world jaunt and that’s exactly what happened to me.

I previously had a bit of luck in Vietnam as my bag had went missing for 3 weeks, just a few months into my trip. For such a long trip I made sure I had everything I could ever need which was difficult. I had researched for months as to what I would need, what I might need and what I thought I would need, bought it and then lost it all!


If there was ever a time an airline was going to lose my bag, I would have put money on it not being on this trip. I was flying from Vegas to L.A. with Delta and the flight was 45 minutes direct. There was nothing out of the ordinary beforehand, I had checked in on time and the flight left on schedule.

Arriving into L.A. I sat around at the baggage carousel and after a while it was clear it hadn’t made it. There were only a few bags which were checked in so it wasn’t as if the hold was full.

The missing backpack in L.A., USA. My backpack of 2 years... gone!

My backpack of 2 years….gone!


Anyway, I wasn’t worried at this stage, just made the compliant and got myself a reference number. As the flight was only 45 minutes, I was confident it would make it’s way to L.A. eventually.

My only concern however came after a few days when I knew I would be heading on. First to San Fran and then onto Hawaii. The last thing I thought would help was the bag playing catch up.

At this point I was buying necessities, toiletries, a few t shirts and to this date my favourite pair of shorts. But as the days rolled on and I reached San Fran I began to make prepare for life without my case.

Delta baggage information tag in L.A., USA. My backpack of 2 years... gone!

My backpack of 2 years….gone!


It wasn’t that there was anything of huge value in the bag but rather the inconvenience of it all. It had taken me months of buying stuff and returning it until I was happy with what I had. Everything I would ever need for 2 years on the road was in that bag and there was no way I was starting over again.

The bag for a start was discontinued and really one of a kind. People used to mock me for having a backpack with wheels but when the spent a but of time with me they soon realised how genius it was! Not to mention the med bag, wash bag and a bag of resistant bands I try to use when I have a spare 10 minutes.


I was now on my way to Hawaii and had accepted it was gone. I know previously it had been missing for a lot longer but I held no hope whatsoever and thought better to move on but I knew travel life would just not be the same without all my gear.

In times like these it’s important to never let something get in the way of you having a good time. I know a few people who wouldn’t be able to help but let it get to them but I had another 6 months of travelling left and I didn’t want to tarnish it. Anyway it could be worse, I could be home!

Delta baggage tracking status in L.A., USA. My backpack of 2 years... gone!

My backpack of 2 years….gone!


I thought my first night in Botswana was frightening (link) but it was nothing compared to last night. Instead of the creeping noise of an elephant it was the roars of a lion that kept us up and you couldn’t help but think it was either right outside or even under the lodge. There is very few places in the world where you can get an experience like that!

As we are beside and watering hole, its not just the lions that you hear but pretty much ever animals around, something I will never forget!


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