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The day to end all days in Bangkok. Although I still have a full day to spend here, it’s in essence leaving day, what a sad time. But fret not as today was the most action packed of them all and I will no doubt end this trip off in style.


First stop was Ung Jia Huad, a popular food stall that serves great Pad Kra Pao and a place that I tried twice before. But before that I met the strangest fella.


Bangkok Chinatown


Having a camera in your face often brings all sorts of attention so it was no surprise when a guy approached me and asked if I was a vlogger, only to go on and talk about his own blogging exploits and that he was banned from YouTube.

Turns out he would go to the red light districts of Thailand and record the goings on of punters and girls. Now I record heaps, I often have no idea whats going on behind me when the camera is rolling but I think I draw the line even walking passed a massage parlor let alone the most famous red light district in Thailand, Soi Cowboy. It was no surprise he was banned.


  • HOTEL – Capsule Hotel, Bangkok Airport
  • RESTOS –

Ung Jia Huad,
Mae Varee Mango Sticky Rice
T&K Seafood
Hotel Royal

  • FOOD – Tom Yum
  • ATTRACTIONS – Rasayana Retreat
  • STEPS, DAY 16 – 21,100
  • STEPS, DAY 17 – 6,600


After escaping him, he then came back over to me and sat while he watched me eat. I found it amusing when he asked not to be shown in my videos but later was happy to be on camera. Does he give the people he records the same right? No.

Ok so some of your might have heard of Colonic irrigation/therapy and some of you may have not. But for those that haven’t there is no easy way to describe it. In essence its a garden hose inserted up your anus and turned on until you’ve been fully cleaned out

Now I’m not sure why but I have always wanted to do it. I suppose its kinda like people trying something and hoping for some mad change. I actually don’t know what I was expecting.

David Simpson undergoing colonic irrigation at Rasayani in Bangkok, Thailand. The day to end all days in Bangkok

The day to end all days in Bangkok

  • Colonic therapy can benefit those who have major constipation and who are also resistant to laxative use.
  • The theory of Hydrotherapy is based on the belief that the body poisons itself by retaining waste.
  • However it has not been proven that colon cleansing benefits the average person.


It’s a bizarre feeling and at times not nice. The start was the worst, for obvious reasons but you soon settle in. Then you become completely overwhelmed with what can only be described as the sudden urge to release you guts.

What I found strange about this was you could release your guts and not be covered in your own excrement. I don’t know how the entire process was kept so clean but it worked. And then to top it off, you are given the pleasure of seeing what is released via a wonderful clear tube beside you. This is purely for the benefit of the client and seems bizarre because how many people get up from the toilet half way through and judge watch their sh*t sitting in the toilet.


  • FLIGHTS – Swiss
  • FLIGHT ITINERARY – Bangkok 13:05 – 19:35 Zurich
  • MILES COVERED – 5615 miles


After what was the worst tasting cleanser drink (tasted of sea water) it was time to treat this stomach to some good food. Now, I have never personally understood the Mango Sticky Rice thing. Mango I love and is without doubt my favourite fruit, even dried. But rice as a desert just doesn’t sit well with me.

That was before I tried it and within the first bit all I could think of was why did I leave it until the last day. I could have been enjoying this for the past few weeks.


Did you know that the biggest Chinatown in the world (outside of China) is in Bangkok? If that isn’t reason enough to visit then I don’t know what is. But it’s not Chinatown that is the major attraction here, but rather the countless stalls and restruants that line the streets.

I’m ashamed to admit this is another of Bangkoks major attractions that I hadn’t visited before now and again I stand here with ultimate regret in knowing what I have missed out on of the past 7 years.

Kebab food stall at Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand. The day to end all days in Bangkok

The day to end all days in Bangkok

  • Chinatown in Bangkok is on Yaowarat Road.
  • It is one of the largest Chinatowns in the world.
  • It was founded in 1782 when the city was established as the home of the Teochew immigrant population.


There are 100s of stalls in Chinatown but only several restaurants which have the repuation that T&K has obtained. Expect the best fish in town, huge Lobsters and bigger queues. This has become a favourite of Chinatown.

If like me you are a fan of duck pancakes then get yourself down to Hotel Royal but don’t get greedy and go for the 5 for 100bhat, because there is so much more to sample.


I always say Bangkok is the best place in the world to people, I love it. But another thing about Bangkok is what you find after just taking a stroll. Don’t forget about the countless other streets than the main thoroughfare. Take a walk, burn a few calories and you never know what you could find.


After the major disappointment (lol) of not getting a scorpion at Jodd Fairs (LINK) I accidently came across a vendor here and just had to give it a go. They are horrendous, the pinchers are like stone, almost inedible, but another box ticked.

After another hour or so and enjoying some entertainment and more food it was time to get back and check out before making my way to the final chapter of the trip, a night in a capsule at BKK airport.


I have always wanted to try a capsule hotel. I love a big room like anyone would but there is something about a capsule hotel that makes me think I’d get a killer nights sleep there.

The price is fairly decent but it depends when you want to stay. Daytime is around $18 and overnight is $36. However, with the lack of showers and private facilities it could be better but for anyone with a long layover its ideal. I bought an extra night at my Bangkok Hotel just so I could grab a shower before heading to the airport as I knew I’d be without one the following day.

The day to end all days in Bangkok


The capsule has everything (or most) things you need; USB (no power socket), reading light, window, workstation, luggage locker (external from capsule), aircon, large bed and ear plugs, however this area of the airport is almost deserted.

The beds are actually very big, more than enough for 2 and very comfortable, I could have slept a lot longer than I did. Another thing ticked off the bucket list!

David Simpson inside the capsule at Capsule Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The day to end all days in Bangkok

The day to end all days in Bangkok


Well that is that, now a quick flight via Zurich and Dublin before a night at home and then off to Portugal for a few weeks in the sun.


  • MVP – The girl relaxing me at Rasayana 😬
  • HIGHLIGHT – Chinatown and the Capsule Hotel
  • LOWLIGHT – Scorpion and of course leaving


I did say it was going to be a perfect day to end The Thailand Series. Thailand, it has been an absolute pleasure, see you soon.


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  • What is your favourite street food?
  • Would you stay in a Capsule Hotel?

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