Layers of history meet timeless landscapes

Salut! Welcome to Romania. This largish Eastern European country is a somewhat under the radar producer of great wine; the home of fantastic mountains that are just screaming to be hiked; and dotted with fortified churches and castles rich with legend. In fact, Bran Castle, the very castle inhabited by Count Dracula in many versions of his story, sits in the wooded Transylvania region ringed by the breath-taking peaks of the Carpathian mountains. And if you’re a city slicker, or prefer the beach? Never fear, there’s plenty for you in Romania. The country’s short coastline offers the sun and sand many travellers have come to expect from Black Sea beaches during the summer months, but are a little more off the beaten track than neighbouring Bulgaria. Bucharest, Romania’s capital, is an incredibly interesting city. A beautiful old town is a stark contrast to soviet-era motorways and tower blocks. And yet, when Bucharest was flattened and rebuilt a huge number of gorgeous, Italianate buildings were spared. Wander around enough, and you’ll find tree-lined boulevards, unexpected markets and architectural gems. Plus, this is a city on the up and up! Coffee culture, cocktails, innovative restaurants… they have all arrived! If you want to become an expert in Eastern European wines, or explore perfectly preserved medieval towns, all on a budget, then VISIT ROMANIA!

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