We decided to get away from Sairee Town and managed to talk our way into Haadtien Beach Resort. It was a welcome break to the beaches at Sairee as you inevitably just start drinking. It’s hard to avoid as the bars are lined the whole way up the beach and you don’t even need to leave your seat. But at $15 a pop we were in no danger of buying them here.

After the state I found myself in last night at the beach bar, I decided to take tonight off before NYE tomorrow. In hindsight I might as well have drank as I took part in pres and the hostel was hosting the party. I would like to think everyone kept coming upstairs to see me because they wanted to but it was probably more due to the fact the party sucked.



I was for sure feeling much better than the previous morning and was well in the mood for the full moon tonight. After getting all the essentials, neon shorts, neon vest and paint etc we were ready to go. We knew it was going to be a long day as we were transiting from Koh Tao as opposed to staying on Koh Phangan for the night. Leaving at 2pm and then back on 10am boat the following day, hoping none of us peak too early. But when you mix mushroom shakes and Sangsom Buckets you know you’re up against it.

Before the party really kicks off. New Year’s Full Moon Party


  • It is said Sutti Kursakul has been the originator of the Full Moon Party since 1989
  • There are now upwards of 25 parties a month on the island
  • Anything between 5,000 to 30,000 people can attend


Straight of the boat and into a taxi we drove past tits who was driving a scooter, amazing what happens. After a few drinks and a bite to eat we made our way back to the beach. And hell I thought it was a big crowd the first time I came, nah, it was insane now. Its a party you have to experience!

We didn’t plan to meet Jac and Aled until later so we had most of the day to kill. Out of pure luck I managed to stumble across Chloe and Rudi (although Rudi doesn’t remember).

David Simpson with Chloe in Thailand. New years full moon partyChloe & I. New Year’s Full Moon Party

I knew two of my friends, Chloe and Rudi from Uni were here for the full moon tonight but seeing as there is 30,000 on the beach and no one takes their phone we were pretty sure we weren’t going to cross paths. That was until we made our way towards the beach and who do I bump into, insane! Saying that Rudi doesn’t remember!


The night almost got off to a terrible start. The Welsh boys had to go to Koh Samui the day before NYE as their flight was on NYD so we agreed to meet them around 9pm at the bottom of magic mountain at the far end of the beach – you can guess what that place is famous for! None of us could be trusted to bring a phone so we just had to hope that the plan worked out!

Buckets of drinks in Thailand. New years full moon partyBuckets. New Year’s Full Moon Party, Thailand

We arrived bang on 9pm and after the best part of an hour at tight until after 10pm. and were gutted they didn’t arrive so agreed to do a loop of the bar before starting the night. After a quick scan of the bar we counted our loses and head down the stairs. In a stroke of luck who else arrives but Jac and Aled. You could see they had all sorts of problems getting the boat from Koh Samui and had to talk their way to the front of the line.


  • Glass is not served at the beach (unless you find a rogue bottle).
  • The government is trying to crack down on drug use and noise pollution.
  • The party is held on Sunrise beach which makes for a nice view if you continue into the morning.


This put the wind in our sails and we felt there was no other way to celebrate than to head up to Mushroom Mountain (now closed due to the crackdown) and down a glass of freshly squeezed mushrooms before going to the Full Moon Party. A great idea at the time!

The mushroom shakes are tame, I would dread to think what the night would have been like had they been potent. Mushroom sahkes, Sangsom Buckets, 30,000 people, heavy electro and flashing lights would not be a good mix.

THAILAND NYE Full moon party mushrooms
There is just no pacing yourself here, drinks are measured in bottles not shots. Buckets come with a 10 glass bottle of spirit and a bottle of the highly potent red bull energy drink. You aren’t going to go home tired but rather very drunk! Not to mention the mix, rather than 10:1 mixer and spirit its more like 1:5 mixer spirit!


After doing the usual bar hopping up and down the beach we found a decent spot at Tommys Resort, one of the most famous places in Haad Rin and drank til the death, one of the best nights. Aled and Jack left around 2 as Aled was getting into a state and the rest of us carried on until our 10am boat back to Koh Tao, strange experience seeing the sun come up while in full party mode. Although getting back to Koh Tao wasn’t the best experience!

David Simpson and the gang infront of SangSom sign in Thailand. New years full moon partyAled, Aled, Me, Jac and Phil with a random at the front


The Full Moon is for sure a once in a life time experience and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a party or who wants their eyes open. You might not expect it to be your thing but you will leave happy that you came.


A much needed breather was expected but with various people going their separate ways, more drinks were in order before making the trip to Bangkok and then New Zealand. Click to read.


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